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The Drift Wood

A versatile and supremely comfortable cruiser bike for adventures in the country, the beach, or into town. This bike features geometry designed to make the rider upright while at the same time allow them to put their feet on the ground without having to get out of the saddle. Made with hemp (or flax) fiber joints, this all-natural beauty is sure to turn some heads. It’s also going to be a smooth ride thanks in part to the natural vibration dampening properties of bamboo.  Being eco-minded and comfortable has never been so stylish.




  • Tires: 26″ x2″ Balloon Whitewall tire
  • Saddle: Brooks B72 Touring
  • Handlebars: Nitto or equivalent aluminum alloy
  • Stem: Velo Orange
  • Brake levers and grips: White Industries, Velo Orange or equivalents
  • Headset: Grand Cru
  • Crankset: Pake, Grand Cru, or  IRD Cold Forged alloy
  • Pedals: Grand Cru
  • Available in single, 3,5,8 & 11 speed versions
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Chain
  • Fender: Bamboo laminated fender
  • Color: Natural Bamboo & hemp


  • Rims: 26″ Grand Cru Aluminum Alloy
  • Front Hub: Brooks B72 Touring
  • Rear Hub: Nitto or equivalent aluminum alloy
  • Spokes

Optional Yet Nearly Essential

  • Bamboo front basket
  • Upcycled custom rear basket made from recycled wine boxes
  • Custom brushed-aluminum coffee cup holder


Sizes:     Small/Medium ( 5’2″ – 5’10”)      Large (5’10” -6’4″)

Custom sizes available upon request



Prices Starting at $3600.