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Gear for the ride



While our primary mission is to build one-of-a-kind bamboo bicycles, we also stumble upon items that we can’t help but share. If it passes our test, it may make it into our highly curated ‘Gear for the ride’ section. Some items may be sold quickly so if you see something you must have and it’s listed as sold – contact us and we may be able to help find you something similar.


Vintage Brooklin Saddle

Want this. Scratch that. Must. Have. It.

It’s funny how certain things send impulses to the fingers to grab, the hands to pickup and heart to desire.  We found this in a small village in France. It wasn’t leaving our sight. That is until a customer bought it. C’est la vie!


Italian Wood Rim Wheels

Retro, yet amazing function. Supple and gorgeous. We build a few pairs of these to have on hand.

It captures the imagination of a time when the cooper’s cousin suddenly started making bicycle wheels. They are as gorgeous as they were when the family started making them back in the 1910s.

Price upon request




Wood handlebars

Modern, clean, wood, great city functionality. It’s a perfect match for Erba.
These are handmade for us by an expert in eastern Europe. They echo the beauty of bamboo but have modern clean lines. Not unlike how Tommy Hilfiger described Erba Bikes – ‘Modern, edgy…preppy with a twist.”  This seemed like a no-brainer to adorn a city Erban Speedster.

Price upon request