BBC.Com – Erba Cycles raises grass-fed steers

//BBC.Com – Erba Cycles raises grass-fed steers

BBC.Com – Erba Cycles raises grass-fed steers


From BBC.ComIMG_27131.jpgIn a world obsessed with cheap, mass-produced products, Levere – a long-time cycling aficionado and the founder of Erba Cycles – produces handmade bikes that are as stylish as they are eco-friendly. He is one of a handful of bamboo believers in the US, Europe and Asia working to establish a beachhead for the Next Big Thing in biking.

“I look at a brand like Tesla and like to think of myself in the same way,” says Levere, who graduated from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, also in Massachusetts, with a degree in structural engineering. “Tesla makes a beautiful car that’s more environmentally conscious and offers great performance. I’m building a miniscule version of that.”

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